Core Values

1. Prayer –We believe that all we do should start, run, and end thoroughly saturated in prayer.



2. Authentic Disciples –We believe the true measure of faith is demonstrated by one’s obedience and that we need to have healthy avenues of accountability in our walk with Jesus.


3. Every member is a Missionary and Minister – We believe God has called every person to proclaim the message of Jesus and serve in team ministry using their God-given resources.


4. Transformation through small groups – We believe the best place to experience life change, meaningful relationships, and effective mission is in small group.


5. People matter to God – We believe in the value of every human being and take seriously the mission of reaching people for Jesus, locally and beyond.


6. Intentional radical acts of kindness – We believe the best way to share the message of Jesus is with intentional and radical acts of kindness done in Jesus name to express his love.


7. Culturally Relevant and Engaging– We believe we should try to reach people in a way they understand and that engages the culture.


8. Whatever It Takes – We believe that Jesus set the example and called us to fulfill our mission whatever it takes, no matter the cost.